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Spending Wisely On Proper Healthcare

The cost that people incur in getting proper health care has to be seen as the preventive cost to getting sick or ill. If more people take to a healthy diet and a proper chemical free food intake, it would mean lesser cost on taking preventive steps towards repairing oneself.  When it comes to what people have as food, it is not limited to the leafy vegetables or the meat that people eat. But, to the very source of natural water that we drink all the time.

It would be proper to examine in detail the components of good health as defined by what we eat and drink.


Eighty percentage of what people are is basically water and nothing more. Thus this largest component of the body needs replenishing all the time. A person can be assured of the best possible health if he does is just to get the water intake correct the first time and every time.

It might be a comforting thought that water is the single largest component on earth but if it is not clean enough to be drunk and used for cooking, then the very source of the water becomes suspect.  Today, companies take the most effort to have clean drinking water for use. This brings to sharp focus the need for water to be sustainable to life as a whole.


A healthy breakfast

Few people can value the need for a healthy and wholesome breakfast every day.  Since it is the first meal of the day, it is meant to be the most important one as well. A good breakfast removes the lack of food since the previous evening and fuels the body further on towards the rest of the day.

It is best to have a breakfast as early as possible. Although the puritans recommend a breakfast that is rich in proteins and the likes, the best breakfasts are those that have a sufficient mixture of all that is good in nature.  Even the heavy fats can be included in the breakfast as it helps to provide a slow burn of food all the time.

Getting around places

Most people would agree that exercise is an essential component of people’s health and well being.  Thus it helps to move around as far as possible rather than use the more convenient method of traveling by taxi or the metro. Here it is essential to have time at hand as it would help to keep fit and at the same time move on from point A to point B.

Maintaining a health regimen is the start to good and quality life all the time. That does not require us to be sports men all the while but as active people that try to involve themselves in some activity or the other.


It is never enough to just fill the stomach or have a drink of water. The most essential part to these is to keep to a healthy lifestyle that acts as an insurance against poor health.

How much Should You Spend for Your Family’s Health Care


Healthcare is almost synonymous with the insurance you buy for your family. You may connect it to the medication, hospitalization, and treatments. Here, I am going beyond the realm of these parameters. I am talking about the foods you eat that include veggies, meat, fish, fruits and supplements. I am also referring to the exercises and early morning healthcare routines you follow. I have personally found the changes in lifestyle can bring about significant transformation. You can reduce the probability of spending too much on medication and treatment.

Healthcare for all for less


Daily Healthcare Routines


One litre of water early in the morning can burn fat, reduce acidity, and remove all the toxic elements from your body. I have tried drinking cold water, hot water and also normal water. I have found normal water at room temperature to be much better than the other two. You have to sip the water slowly. It may take about 30 minutes to drink one litre. It’s ok. Just relax, read the newspaper and sip it. You can experience the magical effects during the day.


After 30 minutes, you can go to the toilet, get fresh, and take a brisk walk for 30 minutes. Parks and garden are the best places to get oxygenated air. Choose a calm place in the park and do breathing meditation. You have to close your eyes and focus on your breath alone. It may take some time to get the concentration, but you can get it within the first two or three days. Fifteen minutes of meditation can calm your mind and relieve the stress in your body.


Having an early breakfast is always better to reduce the probability of stomach and liver problems. I have found fruit stuffed brown bread with cheese to the reasonably good for breakfast. You can also go for Machacado and eggs, boiled rice with eggs, or fried steaks. You may think they are high on fat, but your body can digest.


Take the metro rail to your workplace, rather than your car. You can reach faster and safer. Or you can go to the bus station and take public transport. Try it four days and feel the difference. Your body will become more flexible and the mind will be more active.


Grass-fed meat and beef are very healthy foods. I have experienced fat burning and weight loss after eating such foods. Make sure you drain the fat and boil the meat instead of frying. Add spices like pepper chilli, garlic, and ginger. You can also mix veggies like kale, broccoli, and beet to make it extra healthy.  It is a good practice to prepare your lunch at home and carry with you.

Fruit Juice

Guava juice is stated to be much better than apple or mango. The volume of antioxidants in 100ml of juice is higher than any other fruit you can imagine. I have been drinking one big cup of the juice every morning, afternoon, evening and night for the past 15 years. Try the recipe and check your health every week.