How Swimming Can Keep Your Heart Healthy

Swimming is a great exercise for your entire body and mind. An early morning session in the pool can activate your muscles and the nervous system. Key benefits are for your spinal cord, lower, back, lungs, and heart. I have been working as a swimming coach in a health club for the past 10 years. Here, I have trained many athletes, swimmers, and sports persons successfully. I am also engaged with commoners who want to stay fit for life. The age group of people who come here varies from seven to seventy plus.

Health Care for All

Swimming as I have seen is health care for all for less. You don’t need to spend much on the fee, as it is very economical. You don’t need any special equipment or tools. You can stay in the pool as long as you wish. You can swim, float, and play with your friends to your heart’s contentment. Whatever you do within the pool is an ultimate form of fitness exercise for your body and mind.

Heart Benefits

Which exercise would you choose for making your heart strong and healthy? The question came up during the discussion between me and a jogging coach on a weekend. He argued that running is the best exercise because it can increase the heart rate per minute and increase the strength of the heart muscles.

Of course, he was right. However, you have to consider the stress factors on the heart which results from running. While in water, your chest and heart get cushioning support. The water body also absorbs all the pounding effects of the heart and keeps it comfortable. Water can also relax your chest muscles and streamline circulation.

Blood pressure remains within the standard levels while swimming. Breathing becomes even and deep. The volume of oxygen supplies to the heart and internal parts of the cardiovascular muscles will be stable. Hence your heart rate can increase to the maximum level without any stress or fatigue factors. It is a great benefit compared to the other forms of workouts.

Spine Benefits

The spinal cord and the nervous system connected to it start relaxing while you are swimming. The Hydrotherapy effects can be in the form of massaging, kneading, and application of hydraulic pressure. Water can activate all the nerves connecting to the spine. Hence, messaging speed and response time also improve considerably. That means the reflex actions of your limbs and muscles get instantaneous.

The nerves connecting to the brain from the spine get energized. So, cognitive ability increases considerably.  Swimming can also increase the volume of oxygenated circulation through the brain. So, the probability of Alzheimer’s and other brain-related diseases reduces significantly. I have seen many seniors in the age group of 80+ having sound memory and €Concentration capabilities.


Chiropractics recommend swimming for a minimum of one hour every day for fitness and health with a reduced probability of infections and diseases. There will also be a significant improvement in the metabolic systems in your body. €Start swimming today and experience the immense benefits.


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