Do it for 15 Days and Experience Transformation in Your Health

I had been trying to reduce stress on my body and brain for several years without much success. For your information, my day started at nine in the morning when I used to wake up. Rushing through the morning chores I dreaded preparing breakfast because it would be 10:30.

I ate at the pizza store and rushed to the office. I had lunch at 4:00 with coke. Evening burgers and meat for supper completed my food for the day. I drank wine or vodka four days a week before supper. I was horribly obese and overweight. I couldn’t follow the lifestyle after 40. I had breathing problems and the stress levels started increasing beyond tolerance Levels.

What Happened Then

Health care for all for less is a system which my friend introduced me. It is a natural process which combines diet plan, simple workouts, and consumption of natural organic extracts to stop overeating. In the beginning, I had all sorts of excuses to refuse the plan. It took me no more than a week to start practicing.

What I Reduced

I stopped vodka and reduced my red wine to two weekend days. I stopped smoking. It was tough but I managed with mint. My lungs cleared out within the next 15 days. My breathlessness problem also reduced considerably within the next 20 days. I stopped eating junk-foods and replaced them with fruits or nuts.

What I Increased

I started drinking more water and fruit juices during the day. I started experimenting with veggies juices and found them to be fat burning to a considerable extent. I switched to lean meat and seafood and stopped eating red meat. I increased the volume of veggies even in my meat foods.

What I Changed

I started my day early in the morning at 5:00 with a two miles slow walk. Sometimes I used to feel like calling my wife to get the car because I was tired and stressed out. I avoid such feelings with great effort and continued.

I changed my early morning beverage to one cup of Neem, gooseberry, and lime juice extract. It has given me good results within the first few weeks. I prefer to have salmon or catfish for the morning breakfast with bread and butter. For lunch, I eat veggie salad, brown bread, and fatless butter.

I changed from boiled and fried veggies to raw veggies. The change has significantly improved my energy levels and my working efficiency. I spend the evenings with my family, rather than on my laptop and TV. We go for a long walk and cook our food at home.

What I Got

Today, I am lean, fit and strong. I have started playing tennis with my colleagues after working hours. I prefer to travel by metro rather than taking out my car to go to my workplace. For short distances, I use my bike or take a walk.  I have been leading a fit and healthy life since I changed. I welcome you to try and change. You can also experience good results.

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