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Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) is a critical issue, which can affect the skull, shoulder, arms, and the neck regions of the human body. It is a result of the misalignment between the skull, neck, and the spinal cord. It can lead to many problems like migraine, jaw pain, toothache, dental misalignment, dental damages, numbness in arms and shoulders, and other forms of pain.

The problems start with the defective temporomandibular organ that is located just beneath your ear. Put your index finger into your ear slightly and move your lower jaw as if you are chewing food. Then you can feel the movement of an organ on your finger. That is the temporomandibular organ.

Benefits of Chiropractic

The temporomandibular organ (TMO) is indirectly connected to the spine through the neck bone. Any negative changes on the spine can affect the TMO considerably. Hence, the chiropractors opine that treatments to the spine can effectively solve the TMD within a short span of time.

I have been associated with the TMD and Chiropractic treatments for decades. Earlier, I used to work on conventional physiotherapy and modern medical practices. The treatments did produce results in solving the TMD to a considerable extent. But the only problem was recurrence (relapse) of the original TMD after a few months. Then I started an analysis of the limitations of conventional medication and therapy on TMD.

  • They only suppress the symptoms for a specific period
  • The misalignment remains as it is
  • The medicines are only painkillers and not TMD healers

Then I started a search for the other forms of treatments which can prove to be effective for the TMD. After four years of intensive research, I came across Chiropractic.  I was curious and skeptic about the system. My idea about medications was something which worked by entering the internal parts of the human body where TMD had its symptoms.

Miracles of Chiropractic

As I started exploring the treatment and therapeutic methods of chiropractic, I could find a miraculous connection with the core of the human body called the spine. It has several sections, starting from the cervical part to the tailbone. Each section has thousands of nerve connections. They connect to the various muscles, joints, ligaments, and limbs in the human body.

The spine is like a centralized control system for more than 99% of the human body parts. So, it is possible to heal the pain and disorders in the human body by adjusting the spinal cord sections. Chiropractic has hundreds of adjustment, manipulation, and massaging procedures for every part on the spine.

Chiropractors can understand the various types of physiological structures of the human body. They also know the structure of the spine sections. Experience and research have shown the connectivity between the spine and human organs. So, the chiropractors can heal and recover the patients from the TMD problems within a short time.


The TMD problems can start with the slightest misalignment between the upper and lower jaw. Close your upper and lower jaw and see the alignment of your teeth in the mirror now. Is there any symptom of slightest misalignment?

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