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About this Blog

Looking for Best Health Care Tips? You are at the Right Place.

Hello, and welcome to my healthcare blog. I am a qualified expert in nutrition, health, and fitness domains. I write blogs, deliver lectures, and provide consultations for everyday health and fitness. I travel widely in Asia and Oceania to learn about the traditional ways to keep healthy without depending on prescription medicines.

Morning Moods

In my blog, you can read about many herbal extracts which you can use for making juices. I suggest you drink them early in the morning on an empty stomach. They can set your appetite on fire and prepare you for a healthy breakfast.

Days’ Hunger Pangs

My tips on breakfast can keep you energetic and motivated for the day’s work. There will be perfect coordination between your mind and body with almost zero stress and fatigue. Your efficiency will start improving.

What about lunch? I will share the secrets to keep it light, satisfying, nutritious, and energizing. I will also tell you about the secret potions to keep you on the go.

Evening Delicacies

Do you love to munch on evening snacks? Are fond of eating between-the-meal munchies? You can find a great number of choices in my blog. They are light, tasty, and free from the fat you always fear. You can keep munching on them without filling your body with junk!

Supper Specials

Then I come to your supper preferences. Do you prefer home food or love to eat out? Either way, you can find healthy foods and beverages. Do you love wine without a hangover? I can give you a hundred choices to increase appetite too!

You could be a vegan, meat and seafood lover, or both. I can give you hundreds of recipes for cooking the most delicious foods of your dreams.

Fitness Formula

Energy flow in the human body is circular. It keeps you on the run during day and night. Your body may be at rest in the night. But the internal machine is always running. It includes your subconscious mind, body and the inner source of energy.

Fitness is a state of wholesome health and readiness for action. I have explored the multiple paths to keep you fit without a sweat. You can shed fat, reduce weight, and develop a lean body at home. I give you the most advanced techniques using the simplest of techniques.

Mindful Present

The human mind is like a time machine. It keeps traveling between the past and the future like a pendulum. But it never stays in the present. An average urban dweller spends 33.33% of the time at work, 25% in sleep, 12.5% for meals; 8.33% watching TV, and 20.83% with family and friends during the 24 hours day. Yet, focus, concentration, efficiency, happiness, and contentment always look like a mirage.

I will give you simple tips to get rid of the past burden and the future illusion. You can keep your mind in the present and deliver the best in your work, family life, social life, and of course the spiritual life to experience bliss every day and every moment. Keep reading to discover more from my blog.