Ensuring A Good Health Profile

Good health is never by accident but through a concerted effort to have a healthy lifestyle.  There are certain constituents of good health and they can be further accentuated by taking a few steps to help improve the health profile still further.

Healthy Diet

Most people reflect what they eat and one of the ways people can improve on their health is by taking up a good diet that constitutes the entire range of nutrients.  Rather than eat anything and everything, it is better to be selective enough and have a balanced diet. Over the long term, a well-balanced diet would help remove and clean the body of the major toxins which lead to conditions that are not healthy.

Exercise regularly

There are two known benefits to exercise. Firstly it maintains a healthy cardiovascular system and on the second, it helps keep stress low and hence have a healthy mental state of being.  Things like heart disease, diabetes, and the likes are controlled to a large extent by exercising regularly and for some time while at it.

It would be a healthy practice to spend half an hour each day in a brisk walk. This rather low key activity does wonders to the person over the long term.

Keep the weight under control

An obese or overweight person looks ungainly and does produce a lot of ill health to him.  So the first thing to do if found to be overweight is to lose weight as quickly as possible. And more importantly to remain put on the lower weight as well.

An overweight person is bound to pick up injuries that are brought about due to the high stress that joints and bones feel due to the high weight.  Even a simple fall can be more damaging to the overweight person than someone with normal weight.

Keep the skin protected

The skin acts as the first point of contact to the person and something that everyone notices is how badly a person who has skin ailments appears to the outside. Thus a healthy skin is but just the precursor to looking healthy and in good conditioning.

It really does not hurt to have a tanning lotion applied when the sun is particularly harsh in the outdoors.  Not only does it keep the skin protected, but the lotion would also dress up the skin much better to the external appearance.

Do not use tobacco

Smoking is injurious to health in so many different ways. It firstly degrades the cardiovascular system and then acts on the immune system that keeps away most part of the infections.  Socially what was once considered a sort of fad has lost its sheen due to the very harmful nature of the habit.

Alcohol use

If alcohol has to be used, it must be under moderation at best. Overindulgence must be strictly watched against and an occasional tipple should not advance to a more serious habit at any time. It takes a certain conviction to be moderated as well.

Do it for 15 Days and Experience Transformation in Your Health

I had been trying to reduce stress on my body and brain for several years without much success. For your information, my day started at nine in the morning when I used to wake up. Rushing through the morning chores I dreaded preparing breakfast because it would be 10:30.

I ate at the pizza store and rushed to the office. I had lunch at 4:00 with coke. Evening burgers and meat for supper completed my food for the day. I drank wine or vodka four days a week before supper. I was horribly obese and overweight. I couldn’t follow the lifestyle after 40. I had breathing problems and the stress levels started increasing beyond tolerance Levels.

What Happened Then

Health care for all for less is a system which my friend introduced me. It is a natural process which combines diet plan, simple workouts, and consumption of natural organic extracts to stop overeating. In the beginning, I had all sorts of excuses to refuse the plan. It took me no more than a week to start practicing.

What I Reduced

I stopped vodka and reduced my red wine to two weekend days. I stopped smoking. It was tough but I managed with mint. My lungs cleared out within the next 15 days. My breathlessness problem also reduced considerably within the next 20 days. I stopped eating junk-foods and replaced them with fruits or nuts.

What I Increased

I started drinking more water and fruit juices during the day. I started experimenting with veggies juices and found them to be fat burning to a considerable extent. I switched to lean meat and seafood and stopped eating red meat. I increased the volume of veggies even in my meat foods.

What I Changed

I started my day early in the morning at 5:00 with a two miles slow walk. Sometimes I used to feel like calling my wife to get the car because I was tired and stressed out. I avoid such feelings with great effort and continued.

I changed my early morning beverage to one cup of Neem, gooseberry, and lime juice extract. It has given me good results within the first few weeks. I prefer to have salmon or catfish for the morning breakfast with bread and butter. For lunch, I eat veggie salad, brown bread, and fatless butter.

I changed from boiled and fried veggies to raw veggies. The change has significantly improved my energy levels and my working efficiency. I spend the evenings with my family, rather than on my laptop and TV. We go for a long walk and cook our food at home.

What I Got

Today, I am lean, fit and strong. I have started playing tennis with my colleagues after working hours. I prefer to travel by metro rather than taking out my car to go to my workplace. For short distances, I use my bike or take a walk.  I have been leading a fit and healthy life since I changed. I welcome you to try and change. You can also experience good results.